Best Portable Radios

For people born before the 1990s, portable radios are standard equipment, part of everyday life. Although these devices have lost space for more modern equipment, many people do not give up the best portable radio.

There are portable radios of various types and sizes, and it is possible to choose the one that best suits your style.

Despite the more retro look, these devices have undergone a significant evolution over time and have even gained many new functions that did not exist until some time ago.

This article will learn more about the main new features that portable radios have gained and will learn how to make the right choice among the best portable radios.

Why Invest in Portable Radios?

First of all, it is worth saying that the radios are icons, objects that people like and do not give up.

So, even with the arrival of much more modern equipment, the traditional way of listening to music has never been abandoned, especially by the slightly older people.

In addition to being extremely practical and lightweight, they have the enormous advantage of never letting people down even when the electricity is out.

So, if you love having your radio as a company, stay tuned to the following information in this article to make the right choice, as the models can be quite different, especially about the built-in functions.

Just as portable radios ended up on the side, alarm clocks also went through this process. Nowadays, having an analog alarm clock is almost a luxury item, and we have a separate entity to show you which are the best alarm clocks.

Buying Guide for the Best Portable Radios

Is it worth having a portable radio today? With technological advances, many thought that these devices had been left out.

Still, there is an interested audience that does not give up at all. Next, we’ll talk about the advantages of these devices, and we’ll help you choose the best model for you.

Benefits of Continuing to Use a Portable Radio

First, as has been said before, the portable radio is the most reliable option for listening to music, significantly since it does not depend on electricity to keep it working.

That’s why many people like to have a spare radio even though they usually use a smartphone.

For those who do not miss any football game, listening to the radio broadcast can be much better because this way, there are no delays.

Another relevant issue concerns the cost, since useful devices can be purchased for low prices and, in general, have excellent durability.

Over the years, the radios have been modernized and, nowadays, many even have technologies such as USB cables, memory card slot, Bluetooth, and other functions.

However, as their operation is only possible through the use of batteries, it is necessary to have a stock of them to not be on hand. An alternative is to use rechargeable batteries to reduce costs and waste generated.

Another issue that at times even modernization cannot fix is ​​related to tuning.

What to Consider When Choosing Portable Radios?

Even today, there is a vast range of portable radios available and, therefore, it is essential to know them well so as not to have problems at the time of purchase. Check out what to consider at the time of sale:


In radios, power is directly related to both the height and clarity of the sound emitted. Although portable radios usually are less rugged compared to larger models, some of them have great sound.

While some models have power between 6 and 8W, others reach 10W, providing a loud and clear sound.

Even if you have to invest a little more, depending on your expectation and form of use, it can be quite worthwhile to prioritize a more robust model.


Despite the name “portable radios,” there are several models, some smaller and others much more extensive. They range from pocket radios to models that are generally used at home.

Many of them are similar to smartphones, relatively compact, to take anywhere. But if you want to use it indoors, the ideal is to invest in more significant and more powerful models.

The “modern substitutes” for portable radios – which became very popular a few years ago – are the best Bluetooth speakers, which on average have about 20W of sound power and although slightly broader than the radios, they are very portable and easy to carry, some of which even have handles.

Extra Functions

If, until some time ago, portable radios were used only for listening to music, nowadays it is common for different models to have extra functions.

Many of them have headphone jacks so you can listen to your radio programs anywhere without disturbing anyone.

Some have the function of saving the stations to find them more easily.

Other models have even more modern functions, such as the USB ports and memory card slots.

Faced with so many alternatives, remember to evaluate your needs and choose models that have the essential functions for you.

Batteries or Rechargeable Battery?

Most portable radio models work on batteries, so it is worth keeping an eye on consumption and the number of batteries used.

There are rechargeable batteries that, in this case, compensate a lot, especially for those who use the device frequently.

Also, many models are battery-powered. That is, that can be recharged. As time goes by, this can give you an advantage, but you must always maintain some reserve charge level in case of power failure.

For you to take full advantage of these portable radio benefits, it is highly recommended to use some of the best rechargeable batteries to reuse these batteries and always have a spare kit in case your radio runs out of battery.

What are the Best Portable Radios?

As you have seen, there are several models of portable radios, with different features and characteristics.

Now that you know how to evaluate each item, it’s time to get to know the best devices so that you can choose without making a mistake.

  1. Sony ICF-306 Portable Radio

Best Portable Radio

Dimensions: 19.01 x 5.13 x 9.73 cm / Weight:  400 g / Handle for transport / Loading status

Sony is one of the largest electronic equipment companies globally and has a tradition in some of them, among which are portable radios.

The Sony ICF-306 has AM / FM, allows you to tune in the frequencies quickly, and can hear your favorite songs and programs.

It has a classic design that suits any user and, being compact. It is ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Regarding the battery, you don’t have to worry, because besides having excellent performance, this radio has lights that indicate the charging status. The operation is using two AA batteries.

The large handle allows you to take your radio anywhere, and if you don’t want to disturb other people, you can use headphones.

2.Docooler HRD-104 Portable Radio

Best Cost-Effective Portable Radio

Dimensions : 13 x 8.8 x 4.5 cm / Weight: 141.5 g / 40 mm speaker / AM and FM

This digital AM / FM radio is ideal for you to carry in your hand or pocket wherever you go and thus continue listening to your favorite music.

It comes with a carrying cord, headphones, and sponge-type headphones for added comfort.

The lanyard allows you to hang the device in your bag, on your belt, or take it with you wherever you go.

It also has a 1.3-inch LCD screen where digital information is displayed, including the simple-to-operate digital clock.

3. Sony Icf-P26 Portable AM ​​/ FM Radio

Best Small Portable Radio

Dimensions: 3.8 x 6.95 x 11.9 cm / Weight: 170 g

The Sony AM / FM portable radio is considered the best equipment of its kind to take with you anywhere.

In addition to being very light, it is also practical and can be placed anywhere, whether in the pocket of your pants, shirt, or even inside a folder.

This little device is very versatile and useful, especially in camps, outdoor activities and for listening to football games and news, especially where the television signal is not good.

4. Philips Portable Radio AM / FM AE1500X

Good and Cheap Portable Radio

Dimensions: 5.6 x 2 x 12 cm / Weight: 63 g / Power: 100mW

Phillips is another traditional brand in portable radios, and this model is especially modern and compact, in addition to having simplified operation.

The Philips AE1500X speaker has good power and the sound has good quality even at a higher volume.

This model has a headphone jack so you can listen to your favorite music wherever you are. The operation is with two AAA batteries, which has good life.

5. Sony ICF-19 Portable Radio

Analog Portable Radio

Dimensions: 22.86 x 7.62 x 12.7 cm / Weight: 220 g / Voltage: 4.5 Volts

Another one of Sony’s portable radios, the ICF-19 is small and can easily be taken anywhere.

With it you can easily tune AM / FM frequencies to follow your favorite programming with great quality.

It also has LED indicators that show which radio stations have been tuned in and what the battery status is.

The analog tuner allows a better adjustment of the stations and the monaural speaker provides an excellent performance even for small boxes.

Operation is by means of two D2 type batteries.

6.Avantree SP850 Portable Radio

Best Portable Radio with Bluetooth and Rechargeable Battery

Dimensions: 13.21 x 3.3 x 6.6 cm / Weight: 158 g / Technology: Wireless

This is much more than a simple portable radio. It has several modern functions that improve your user experience.

Its speaker is 3 in 1, and this powerful radio allows simple transfer of music from your other electronic devices via Bluetooth.

If you prefer, you can store your favorite music on an SD card and then listen to it whenever and wherever you want.

You can also significantly improve the quality of the sound you hear with the six different equalizer modes, which adapt to the main musical types: natural, rock, pop, classical, jazz, and soft.

To search for channels, you can choose to do this manually or automatically. Both ways are efficient and straightforward.

The Avantree SP850 is perfect for taking anywhere with its lightweight and portable design. To further improve the experience, it has a movable handle that makes it easier, especially if you are in the habit of practicing physical activities with your radio.


Portable radios are great companions for all hours, whether on the street or indoors. Despite the new technologies, many people do not give up traditional equipment.

That is why, even after many years of their invention, they are still being marketed and have even gained some new functions over the years.

This led to the emergence of diversified models, with many variations. So you need to know how to choose correctly.

Now that you know the most important key features, you are ready to choose the most suitable among the best portable radios.

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