Bluetooth intercom: which one is the best of 2020?

The road, your motorcycle and you: asphalt, curves, landscapes, open-air and the melodious noise of the engine. In short, an incredible feeling of freedom and a way to disconnect. But, what happens if you have to say something to someone who is with you “on the pack” or to a fellow traveller? What if you need to hear the GPS instructions or you want to listen to your favourite music?

Get on the motorcycle for weekend getaways or to move around the city every day, a Bluetooth intercom will allow you to do all this. Also, you can receive or make calls without having to get off it, practically and safely—a useful tool for any biker that we will talk about in-depth today.

The most important

  • In a world where being connected has become a necessity, a Bluetooth intercom is the best option for this when you go on the back of your motorcycle. It will give you the possibility to communicate with whoever you are taking as a passenger or with other fellow travellers and use all the functionalities of your mobile.
  • Bluetooth intercoms are theoretically legal and safe devices for traffic. They use small speakers that are placed inside the helmet, not headphones placed in the ear, so they allow you to hear the external sounds of traffic. And for the use of the mobile, they have a hands-free system.
  • Since they are installed in the helmet, make sure that they are compatible with the helmet. In addition to this, when choosing yours, you must take into account the connection capacity with other devices, the autonomy of the battery or its resistance, among other criteria.

Ranking: The best Bluetooth intercoms on the market

Motorcycle intercoms have been around for a long time, but since the introduction of the Bluetooth protocol, they have evolved and become increasingly popular with bikers over the last decade. Next, we present five current Bluetooth intercoms that we have selected for their quality and performance.

Position n ° 1: Ejeas V6 Pro Bluetooth intercom

Ejeas V6 Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headsets for Motorcycles, Intercom Communication Range of 1200m, Motorcycle Helmet intercom, Waterproof, Intercommunication Between 6 Motorcyclists

It is a reasonably inexpensive intercom, but with many features. It is compatible with mobile phones with Bluetooth 3.0 or higher, GPS and MP3. So you can receive calls in hands-free mode while driving, listen to your music or the navigation instructions, as well as communicate with your passenger or with other motorists in your group.

It allows the connection of a maximum of six companions with a range of up to 1200 meters in open terrain. It comes with DSP technology for noise suppression, and echo cancellation, which further helps make both music and voice heard clearly. The battery lasts up to 8 hours and is waterproof (IPX5 level).

Position # 2: Fodsports FX8 Bluetooth intercom

FODSPORTS Motorcycle Helmet Intercom, Hands-free Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headset, Motorcycle Intercom Communication System with FM, 2KM Motorcycle Interphone for 8 Riders

This Bluetooth intercom has Bluetooth 4.1 technology. It can be paired with mobile, GPS and any other Bluetooth device at the same time. It comes with the hands-free option, so if your phone does too, you can control all its functions without touching a button. It has a noise cancellation system (CVC) and Hi-Fi sound quality.

It allows simultaneous communication of up to 8 members, although the ideal is between 4 and 6, with a range of 2000 meters in a group and 500 meters between two motorcycles. Sound quality is maintained up to a speed of 120 km / h. The battery allows up to 20 hours of use and has charge level control. The body, made of silicone, is waterproof.

Position # 3: Lexin LX-B4FM Bluetooth intercom

LEXIN 2x B4FM Motorcycle Helmet Intercom, Motorcycle Bluetooth Radio Communicator for Helmet, Motorcycle Hands-free, Motorcycle Helmet Intercom for 4 Riders, Motorcycle Interphone with Noise Cancellation

The LX-B4FM come in a pack of two, have a Bluetooth 3.0 connection, noise cancellation and Hi-Fi audio technology so that they can be heard correctly at speeds up to 120 km / h. They have a hands-free option to be able to change functions with your voice, from answering or rejecting calls to listening to your music, the radio or the GPS instructions.

They have two types of microphone, one for open helmets and the other with a button for full-face helmets. They are waterproof and hermetic, with IP67 protection that isolates them from dust and the heaviest rain. They allow the simultaneous conversation of up to 4 motorists with a maximum range of 1600 meters. The battery has an autonomy of up to 15 hours.

Position # 4: Fodsports V6 Plus Bluetooth intercom

Motorcycle Helmet Intercom, Bluetooth Hands-free Motorcycle Communication Systems, 1200m 6 Riders Wireless Motorcycle Interphone (OLED Screen / Voice Reminder / GPS / 2 Mic)

Another intercom from the Fodsports brand with similar characteristics, although inferior to the previous one. It uses a Bluetooth 3.0 system allowing, in addition to the other intercoms, up to 3 connections: mobile, GPS and audio device. Although it allows up to 6 riders to be paired, only two can speak at a time, always with one as leader or main.

It comes with Hi-Fi audio and noise cancellation system, with good sound up to a maximum of 120 km / h and a maximum group range of 1200 meters. It also has a hands-free function and is waterproof (IPX6 protection). The battery life is 18 hours, with charge warning. It has an LCD screen and the possibility of storing up to 6 FM radio stations.

No.5: Freedconn Intercom Bluetooth TCOM-SC

FreedConn Motorcycle Motorcyclist Bluetooth Helmet TCOM-SC Intercom Wireless Intercom Riding Ski Intercom (LCD Screen / Hands-free / FM Radio / Mp3 / GPS / 800M / Waterproof / 1 Piece Soft Cable)

This is an intercom more designed for individual or couple use, either for passenger pilot communication or with a single travelling companion on another motorcycle. Although up to three can be paired. It comes with Bluetooth 3.0 technology and DSP noise cancellation system that enables smooth communication at a maximum speed of 120 km / h.

The range is up to 800 meters, and the battery has a maximum autonomy of 10 hours. It has an LCD screen for quick access to information and a large, handy button from which to control all functions. Also, it comes with a hands-free option. It adapts to any helmet. It is waterproof and easy to install.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Bluetooth Intercoms

Depending on whether you are going to use them in a group or for more individual use, you will already have an idea of ​​where to start looking. But in addition to the use for which you have it in mind, there are many features and issues to consider. Now we are going to try to clarify concepts and solve some doubts so that you can choose with as much information as possible.


What is a Bluetooth intercom, and what is it for?

Bluetooth intercom is an electronic device that allows communication, sending and receiving of audio signals, with one or more other devices of the same characteristics within a specific distance range. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, they can be connected to devices that also have it: mobile, GPS and music players. These Bluetooth intercoms will help you communicate with your companion on the motorcycle without having to turn and take your eyes off the road. Also, with a companion or companions on the road without having to stop or release a hand from the handlebar to make a signal. Also, you can use the mobile phone’s hands-free for calls, listen to GPS or your favourite music.

Bluetooth intercoms are installed in the helmet and consist, in addition to the device itself, of a pair of speakers and a microphone. The device is placed on the outside of the helmet, while the headphones are placed on the inside on both sides. The microphone is placed inside or outside, depending on the type of helmet you use.

What types of Bluetooth intercoms are there?

Although most Bluetooth intercoms offer similar functionalities, due to the type of connectivity they offer, we can establish a classification. When we talk about connectivity, we refer to the capacity they have to connect with other similar devices and the number of connections they support.

IndividualThey allow connection with mobile phones and other devices with Bluetooth technology, but not communication with another intercom. Today, they are not very common.
Pilot – PassengerBesides allowing bluetooth connection with devices with this technology, it allows communication with the passenger. In a range of 10 to 200 meters. Currently, they are not widely used either.
Multi-connectionThey allow the previous connections and, also, from motorcycle to motorcycle and with several motorcycles. You always have to change the channel with the buttons on the device to communicate with different colleagues and, normally, only two can communicate at a time.
Conference callThese have all the above features and also allow more than two riders to communicate at the same time. Sometimes it is through bluetooth and, in some, like those of the Cardo brand, with its own connection system (DMC).

Do Bluetooth intercoms have other uses besides for riding a motorcycle?

Although we have talked about motorcycles and, specifically about asphalt (road and city), Bluetooth intercoms are useful for any off-road: motocross, enduro, rally-raid or trial. They are also used for quad excursions and other sports in which a helmet is used, more or less closed, such as some types of skiing. Other Bluetooth intercoms are used for some sports, such as cycling, for communication with the coach or with teammates or on excursions. Although their operation is very similar, they are somewhat different, since the headphones are placed on the ear, generally inside it, not like the ones we are talking about.

Can Bluetooth intercoms be used with all types of helmets?

Except with classic helmets, that is, with those helmets that we can describe as a medium since they only cover half of the head. With all other types of helmets: full-face, modular or flip-up, jet, calimeros or handlebars, as well as off-road or trial helmets, all of them can have a Bluetooth intercom installed.


How are bluetooth intercoms installed ?

The first and most important thing to know is that the device is always placed on the left side of the helmet. In this way, when you have to touch any button, you will do it with your left hand without releasing the accelerator hand. Depending on the device and the type of helmet, the installation, although very similar, will be different.

Each one “belongs to his father and mother”, or what is the same, each device has its own peculiarities for the installation and, in addition, each helmet its peculiarities. For this reason, we cannot give you a detailed explanation. You will have to consult the instruction manual and, perhaps in some case, a video tutorial that will help you know how to do it.


The device is installed on the outside using the amount in which the control unit is then placed. The fastening can be with a clamp, screwed or not, or with a sticker. Speakers usually come with two options for attachment, velcro and sticker. Depending on the helmet, you will have to remove some padded parts from the sides.

The latter, in addition to placing the speakers, will help you pass the cables and not bother you when you put on your helmet. The microphone can be challenging, soft, or button-type. The stiff shafts are designed for flip-up helmets, while the button or soft shafts are used in full-face helmets.

How are Bluetooth intercoms connected and used?

Before hitting the road, you must establish the intercom connection. It is about pairing it to your Bluetooth devices and connecting it to other intercoms (that of your companion or that of your travelling companions). This is a simple operation that, again, will depend on the intercom. Once done, the device will be ready. Today, virtually all intercoms have the hands-free option. This is used to accept or reject a call and, if your phone allows it, to communicate with the assistant (Siri or Google). However, to change functionality, you must touch one of the buttons on the device. Something that we recommend you do on a straight for your safety.

Can Bluetooth intercoms of different brands and models be connected?

Most Bluetooth intercoms can be connected with other models of the same brand or different brands without problems. However, you must bear in mind that this connection is generally made through the mobile channel, so the distance is quite limited, as is the data transfer.

What advantages do Bluetooth intercoms offer you?

With everything we have said so far, we imagine that you will already be clear about what Bluetooth intercoms are for and, to a large extent, why you should have one. Being able to communicate with your “package” and be connected to the world while riding your motorcycle is something that until not so long ago was not possible. Now we offer you a summary of its advantages and disadvantages.

Talk easily and safely with your companion on the motorcycle.Communicate with one or more fellow travelers on the road.Connect to your mobile and be able to receive and make calls without having to touch it.If your phone has a voice assistant function, you can use all the functions associated with it.Listen to the instructions of the GPS navigator.Being able to listen to your favorite music from your phone or a connected audio player.They need to be installed in the helmet and if it is not done well it can be uncomfortable.They use a rechargeable battery and you will have to pay attention to their autonomy.They can lead to fine problems.

We have left the most important question for last. And, unfortunately, it is the one with the most difficult answer. And it is that as that one would say: with the church we have run into. In this case with the ambiguity that can sometimes be found in the text of some standards and the interpretations that can be made. As much as we’ve done research, we can’t give you a definitive answer.

In Spain, the General Traffic Regulation in its article 18, paragraph 2 says: “It is forbidden to drive and use helmets or headphones connected to receivers or sound reproducers, except during the corresponding teaching and open circuit aptitude tests for the obtaining the driving license for two-wheeled motorcycles (…) ”.


The following paragraph reads as follows: “The use of mobile phone devices and any other means of the communication system is prohibited while driving, except when the communication takes place without using hands or using helmets, headphones or instruments. Similar”.

Bluetooth intercoms do not use helmets or in-ear headphones, but speakers that are built into the helmet and allow you to hear the sounds of traffic. And, concerning the mobile, a hands-free system is used. But, both lawyers and experts and traffic police do not agree so that you will be at the mercy of the agent’s decision.

Purchase criteria

After all the last thing we have said about Bluetooth intercoms, you may be wondering if it is worth buying one. The truth is that for about ten years, its use is becoming more common and widespread. A handy device that has become fashionable among many bikers. Following these criteria, you can choose the right one for you.

  • Helmet compatibility
  • Connectivity and distance
  • Ergonomics and hands-free function
  • Sound quality
  • Autonomy
  • Resistance and impermeability

Helmet compatibility

The most important thing when choosing an intercom will be that it can fit well with your helmet. Most of those currently sold can be installed on any helmet. But if you have a modular or jet-type helmet, the microphone must have a stiff stem to be able to accommodate it correctly.

Many of the intercom mounting kits already come with both types of a hard and soft rod or button microphones. Ensuring compatibility with your helmet, you will be able to use the intercom with the best sound quality for you and for all those who are in communication with you, as well as guaranteeing maximum comfort.

Connectivity and distance

Most intercoms today can connect to more than one Bluetooth device at the same time. And although today from the mobile we can access browsers, music and many other functions, if you want to connect it to other devices such as a GPS or a music player, you will need to support more than one Bluetooth connection.

Also, you must take into account the maximum number of intercoms to which yours can be connected. If it only allows you to pair another device, you will be able to speak only with your companion or another motorcycle. Others support from 3 to 10 or more connections. Also, check if the communication can be between several motorcycles at the same time or only two at a time.

Ergonomics and hands-free function

For reasons of current legislation and, above all, for your safety, which comes first, to use the mobile, the intercom must come with a hands-free function. Currently, all of them have this function. Also, if your mobile has a voice assistant, let the intercom allow you to use it.

Another critical issue is the ergonomics of the buttons, their ease of use. You should be able to easily touch and manipulate them to change functionality or control volume. Therefore check that they are large enough and ergonomic. Especially if you wear gloves while driving, it will be something that you must take into account.

Sound quality

When you go “on the back” of your motorcycle at certain speeds, the sound quality is something to take into account, both to be able to hear the person speaking well and to be heard. Most of the Bluetooth intercoms available today should be heard well at speeds of up to 120 km / h or so.

The intercom must have a noise cancellation system that will significantly help communication to be fluent with your companion or your companions. If the helmet is open, jet type, for example, this will be even more important. In these helmets, the air enters much more and avoiding the background noise of the air is more complicated.


If you use the intercom in the city, to move every day the battery life will not be a key criterion. But if you use it for long trips, for weekend getaways, it will be essential that it offers you maximum autonomy. Almost everyone has a system to inform you of its status, either through the LCD screen or through an audible warning.

Resistance and impermeability

Although you probably won’t be riding your motorcycle in heavy rain, it is worth making sure that the intercom is waterproof to some degree. Not only because of the rain but because of possible splashes. Nor does it hurt that its insulation prevents the entry of dust, mainly if you use it off-road for motocross, enduro or trial.


Bluetooth intercoms have become fashionable in the last ten years and have been improving features. Thanks to them, you will be able to communicate with your fellow travellers and with the passenger who accompanies you on your trips. Paired with your mobile, allowing you to use all its functions, they will keep you connected to the world while you are on your motorcycle.

It is essential to take into account its ability to connect, with other devices with Bluetooth technology and also with other intercoms. The latter will depend on what you use them for and what communication needs you have while driving. Its ease of use will be another crucial factor to ensure your safety on the road.

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