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Лучшие портативные колонки

With the help of such a gadget as a mobile speaker, you can significantly increase the acoustic characteristics of a cell phone and other devices. Some models can play music on their own. Before buying a suitable device that will produce high-quality sound, you should decide what conditions it will be used – for outdoor recreation, travel, cycling, and home.
Also, there are several factors that, in one way or another, affect the choice of products. We will consider them below. So let’s start our roundup of the best portable speakers of 2020 with the rules for choosing a device.

What are the rules for choosing portable speakers?

Choosing the best portable speakers

One of the key factors associated with choosing the right device is the power of the speaker. If the speaker is purchased to increase a smartphone’s volume or connect it to a home laptop, then the most suitable design will be with average power. In an apartment, the sound will also reflect off the walls, floor and ceiling, increasing its clarity. For use in nature, the model is needed more power.

Overall dimensions also play an important role, especially if you plan to take the device with you on trips – it should have an ergonomic body. The type of speaker is important. For example, bass speakers allow you to get deeper and better sound than devices with a full-range speaker. Product weight should not exceed 500 grams.

The speaker can connect to a device using a Bluetooth channel – in this case, and you should first find out how many memory tags are stored in this product. Otherwise, you will have to go into the settings and change them constantly. A wired connection is associated with a slight inconvenience in the form of a wire and the need to constantly keep the speaker close to a gadget that plays music.

The battery’s capacity ensures the Bluetooth device’s long-term operation, so this parameter is sure to pay very close attention to. When developing our review, we considered all the main and many additional factors, user reviews and value for money. We hope that this rating will help you quickly decide on the most suitable device for a very reasonable price.

Speakers with mono sound reproduction

3. Xiaomi Mi Round 2

Xiaomi Mi Round 2 photo

Our rating is opened by this inexpensive but quite interesting model, which has an attractive appearance. It is small in size. It is convenient to hold it in your hand while walking or put it on any relatively flat surface. The diameter is 60 mm, and the height is 94 mm. Visually, you can divide the device into two parts – the bottom base is made of plastic. On it, there is a rotating ring made of aluminum. The speaker mesh is fixed on it. The upper part is equipped with a single control button. Long press on it turns on / off the device; double press allows you to break the Bluetooth connection with one device and get ready to contact another. A single press pauses the music. The rotating ring is responsible for changing the volume level.

On the bottom, there is a rubberized pad that does not allow slipping on the surface. The speaker’s power is 56 W – it will be enough for home or short walks with a speaker in hand, but it will be rather weak for a crowded picnic. There is no cable connection to the devices. The speaker has a built-in microphone so that it can be used as a headset. The battery capacity is 1200 mAh – the manufacturer claims that the speaker can work for about 7 hours at full volume in a fully charged state. In principle, tests confirm this point.


  • Small overall dimensions and a low weight;
  • Able to establish a connection with devices not only based on Android but also iOS;
  • Can be used as a headset;
  • Nice appearance.
  • The plastic case does not look very reliable;
  • The controls are just one button and a rotating aluminum ring.

2. SUPRA PAS-6277

SUPRA PAS-6277 photo

The speaker output power of such a device is only 3 W. It is broadband, its diameter is 37 mm. It plays music with high quality, but it depends on the bitrate of the file being played. A subwoofer is located near the speaker, which is responsible for playing the bass line. The volume is quite decent – the radius of audibility can reach about 20 meters. The speaker is equipped with a reliable 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The manufacturer claims a 20-hour battery life of the device, but tests have shown that the maximum it can play music at full volume for 7 hours.

The strength of the case is quite high. It is made of high-quality plastic. It has a reliable assembly; there are no backlashes and extraneous creaks. The overall dimensions of the device are 35x155x64 mm, with a mass of 145 grams. The main negative point associated with such a case is the lack of protection against moisture or dust penetration. The speaker comes with a special clamping device that allows you to fix it both on the bike and clothes’ handlebars. Internal memory is not provided, but there is a slot for connecting a microSD memory card – the model supports 32 GB. There are several buttons, all of them are analog – used to turn on, turn off, switch tracks. A built-in FM radio tuner is provided.


  • High-quality sound;
  • Ability to connect both via Bluetooth and wire;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Reliable build.


  • No display provided;
  • The case is not protected against moisture and dust.

1. Sony SRS-X11

Sony SRS-X11 photo

This model is shaped like a plastic cube with pleasantly rounded corners, which greatly increases the product ergonomics. The set includes a small stretching silicone bracelet that allows you to transfer the product from one place to another conveniently. The product weighs only 200 grams. This is one of the most powerful portable mono speakers – it features a 10W speaker operating at 20 to 20,000 Hz. The device can be paired with a sound source via Bluetooth or NFC wireless technology, as well as a 3.5-inch mini-jack cable.

There are four control buttons – two are responsible for changing the volume, one turns on / off the speaker, and it searches for devices. The design has a built-in microphone allowing it to be used as a headset for answering calls, and the last button is provided. The music sounds loud enough but a little dull. Bass frequencies are available but not fully disclosed, which is not surprising due to the speaker’s small area. In theory, a battery can work up to 12 hours, but this figure is 3-4 hours lower.


  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Perfect build and ergonomic shape;
  • Can be used as a headset;
  • Stylish appearance.


  • No dust and moisture protection;
  • The sound quality depends a lot on the paired device. In most cases the music sounds dull;
  • High price.

Stereo speakers of an inexpensive price segment

3. SVEN PS-420

SVEN PS-420 photo

This is a fairly cheap model, notable for its high-quality quality and long battery life. The speaker has two speakers with a total power of 12 W. It has a built-in radio tuner, the ability to connect a playback device wirelessly, and via the USB connector, the panel also has an input for connecting a memory card. The speakers are equipped with a small informative liquid crystal display, which facilitates the device’s operation. It is located on the upper edge, with all the control buttons located next to it. The column is also equipped with an equalizer.

Such a model does not have an external antenna. Therefore it is unlikely that it will be possible to tune the radio station for clear sound indoors; it is much easier to do this outdoors. Its size produces a sound of quite decent quality; low frequencies are soft and rather dense. It is not recommended to listen to music at maximum volume, as the sound quality will worsen. On the body, there is a rather convenient handle for carrying from one place to another. The plastic it is made of has a soft-touch coating that makes it very pleasant to the touch.

  • Low price;
  • Acceptable sound quality with good volume;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • The case is beautiful and pleasant to the touch.


  • The charging cable is rather short.

2. JBL Flip 3

JBL Flip 3 photos

This is one of the few models presented in our review, which is equipped with reliable protection against moisture and dust. The device’s price is affordable; synchronization with other products is done quite quickly; the sound quality is quite high. The device operates at frequencies from 85 to 20,000 Hz, has a capacious battery – 3000 mAh, which ensures long-term operation of the speaker in stand-alone mode. The overall dimensions are small – 169x64x64 mm with a weight of 450 grams. As you can see, the product is quite heavy, largely due to the presence of a powerful battery.

The Bluetooth speaker has the shape of a cylinder, the edges of which are slightly rounded. The surface is very pleasant to the touch, largely due to the soft-touch coating. The design has a charge indicator, due to which you can quickly determine if the battery needs power. There is a waterproof cap on the case, which hides a micro-USB connector and an input for a 3.5 mm jack. There are several buttons on the surface of the case, the design has a built-in microphone, so the product is allowed to be used as a mobile headset. The response of the buttons is quite fast, but there is some delay over time.


  • Very nice appearance;
  • Acceptable sound quality;
  • Excellent protection against moisture and dust;
  • Battery capacity provides device operation for 10 hours;
  • Small overall dimensions.


  • If you constantly listen at maximum volume, then the speaker will begin to wheeze with a high degree of probability.

1. Samsung Level Box Slim

Samsung Level Box Slim photo

Users note that this is one of the most beautiful models among all on the market. There are several perforated panels on the front, side and back, which are very interesting to combine with smooth surfaces. There are several functional buttons on the top of the device – turn on / off, adjust the volume. The Play button is designed to perform several tasks at once. The quality of production is high; the buttons retain their original appearance for a long time. The device also has rubberized feet that protect it from slipping on a smooth surface.
Connects with other devices via wireless Bluetooth 3.0, NFC. Weight 392 grams with 4 W power, battery capacity is 1600 mAh. The speaker is of high quality, does not wheeze even at maximum volume levels. For such a small device, the sound quality is quite high. The speaker comes with the official Samsung Level Box application, which allows you to adjust the playback equalizer right on the smartphone screen. Due to this, the sound quality will be even higher. The speaker has a very active noise and reverberation suppression system. The manufacturer claims wireless operation for about 25 hours. This figure reaches 22, which is also quite good.

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