Walkie-talkies: Which one is the best of 2020?

Although the constant evolution of mobile phones has relegated walkie-talkies to the background, they still have a lot to offer. Because no one doubts his contribution to communication between people. What’s more, in the construction sector, as well as in others, such as the hospitality industry, they are devices that continue to be used frequently.

But acquiring a walkie-talkie that offers the minimum benefits, you need as a user is not so easy. In this case, and obviously, we are going to focus our efforts on these two-way radio equipment. We tune in!

The most important

  • The walkie-talkies are great options for group travel as well as for use in the construction industry, hospitality and security, among others.
  • If you are looking for quick and easy communication, the best walkie-talkies on the market will not disappoint you.
  • The range of the device is essential when buying one model or another. We review this and other purchasing factors at the end of the article.

The best-selling walkie-talkie


CACAGOO Rechargeable Walkie Talkie 16 Channels 1500mah CTCSS DCS 6KM, UHF Walkie Talkie

CACAGOO Rechargeable Walkie Talkie 16 Channels 1500mah CTCSS DCS 6KM, UHF Walkie Talkie with Built-in Headset LED Torch (2 PCS)

This walkie-talkie is a superlative value for money. Thanks to its 16 channels and its 50CTCSS 105DCS, it avoids unwanted signals. On the other hand, its 1500 mAH (milliamp-hour) lithium battery guarantees complete autonomy.

It also offers a range of 1 to 10 km, as well as the possibility of hands-free communication. As for the sound, it is perceived clearly and diaphanous. The volume can be adjusted.

The best walkie-talkie for kids

FLOUREON Walkie Talkies, Kids Outdoor Two Way Radio Walkie with 8 Channels 3 Mile LCD Screen

FLOUREON Walkie Talkies, Kids Outdoor Two Way Radio Walkie with 8 Channels 3 Mile LCD Screen, 1 Pair Blue

With a range of up to 3 km, this FLOUREON proposal is one of the best walkie-talkies for children. It has 8 channels and is ideal for outdoor activities. Their light and compact design make them easy to transport, but also very accessible for the little ones.

To use these walkie-talkies, you have two options: battery (not included and with an autonomy of 8.5 hours) or 4 AAA batteries (with an autonomy of up to 21 hours).

The best cheap walkie-talkie on the online market

eSynic Long Range Walkie Talkie UHF 400-470MHz 16 Channels LED Flashlight with FM Headphones

eSynic Long Range Walkie Talkie UHF 400-470MHz 16 Channels LED Flashlight with FM Headphones Portable Transceiver for Surviving in the Field Cycling and Hiking

This eSynic model is not only one of the best cheap walkie-talkies, but also one of the best for professional use. With a range of up to 5 km, it is a perfect model to use between security guards, in construction or even on country adventures.

It has a 1500 mAh lithium battery, as well as an output power of 5 W. Also, thanks to its DCS and CTCSS function, it prevents unwanted interference and noise.

The best high-end walkie-talkie

Midland G7 PRO – Walkie-Talkie, black

Midland G7 PRO - Walkie-Talkie, black

These high-end walkie-talkies offer a modern design with a display for superior visibility. Thanks to its versatile housing, the model is compatible with three different types of battery: NI-MH, alkaline batteries or lithium-ion battery.

The internal structure uses state-of-the-art technology, which guarantees superior performance. The model allows you to choose between different transmitting powers. Its sound quality is impressive.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Walkie-Talkies

Let’s rescue the mythical expression of “change and short”! Because walkie-talkies can still offer a lot. The problem? That they are more complex products than it seems a priori, even when they are bought for children! Therefore, it is essential to know them thoroughly. But don’t worry: here are the most frequently asked questions about walkie-talkies.

How does a walkie-talkie work?

The best cheap or high-end walkie-talkies use radio waves to transmit voice. To communicate, the pair of walkie-talkies is synchronized on the same wavelength. That is, they both operate on the same channel. Thanks to this, with the push of a button, you can communicate with your interlocutor (as long as they have their device turned on).

What activities can I use a walkie-talkie for?

  • Our intention is not to sit a chair, since, in reality, this answer depends exclusively on you. However, we can show you the scenarios in which the best cheap or high-end walkie-talkies are more usable. In this way, you can know in which situations a device of these can come in handy. We distinguish between professional and occasional use:Occasional: The walkie-talkies can serve to communicate in travel involving several cars and long distances. They are also a great option when it comes to hiking, winter sports, or hunting. For children, there are specific walkie-talkies that are very easy to use.
  • Professional: The best cheap or high-end walkie-talkies can be very useful in sectors such as construction, hospitality or security. These devices allow seamless and seamless communication between team members.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of walkie-talkies?

Why use one of the best walkie-talkies if there are mobile phones? You may be asking yourself this question. It is logical and expected. We are so used to them that opting for alternative routes is strange. It is almost a dictatorship. However, if we stop to think about it, walkie-talkies offer many advantages:


  • Economical
  • Free communication
  • Licensed and unlicensed options
  • Children’s Models
  • Easy to use
  • They allow fast communication
  • Light
  • Manageable
  • Durable


  • The autonomy of some models
  • Possible interference and noise

What kinds of walkie-talkies are there?

  1. There are three different types of walkie-talkies. Obviously, within each category, there may be differences between the various models. However, in order not to get too complicated, we are just going to do a general overview of these three great families. We talk about analogue, digital and hybrid walkie-talkies: Analog walkie-talkies: Less and less used, the best analogue walkie-talkies offer somewhat less clear communications than their digital analogues, as well as being more sensitive to interference. To avoid this, they must be of high quality.
  2. Digital walkie-talkies: They are the future. The best digital walkie-talkies guarantee superlative audio quality. The bandwidth, being less saturated, allows communication free of noise and annoying interference.
  3. Hybrid walkie-talkies: These are dual-configuration devices. Thanks to this, you can use the analogue or digital option depending on where you are. That way, you will not be cut off by a failure in one of the networks.

How to use a walkie-talkie ?

  • Although increasingly the best cheap or high-end walkie-talkies are easy to use, prior recommendations are always appreciated. Therefore, from this content of REVIEWBOX.es, and so that you can use the product thoroughly, we collect below a series of usage guidelines. Pay attention and take note! Unpacking: When you open the box, make sure it contains everything the manufacturer promises. Also, do a little basic function test. It confirms that the sound has a minimum quality even at a distance. Also, check the status of the charger. Avoid manufacturing failures.
  • Establish rules of use: To enhance communication, it is best to establish guidelines. If both parties speak at the same time, the transmission of the messages will be a complicated task. Do not interrupt. Also, for greater fluency, brevity must prevail. Also, be careful with the type of information you reveal!
  • Have a clear structure: If there are more than two walkie-talkies connected to the network, you must establish fixed ways to call each interlocutor. That way, communication will be more effective. Remember that to transmit your messages, you must press and hold the corresponding button and speak at a distance of between 2 and 5 cm from the device.

s a walkie-talkie or a mobile phone better ?

There is no better product than another. It all depends on the circumstances. Although giants like Samsung will tell you to bet on their large range of mobiles and it is obvious that walkie-talkies do not allow taking pictures , it all depends. To do this, you will have to ask yourself what your personal situation and your needs are. The following comparison table can help you:

Walkie-talkiesMobile phones
CommunicationQuick and immediateIt depends on the recipient
Built-in cameraNotDepending on the model
EconomyOnce purchased, they rarely require further investment.They require a monthly fee and may incur other additional expenses.
Internet accessNotYes

What is the difference between a walkie-talkie with a license and a walkie-talkie without a license?

  • Depending on the frequency used, we can speak of walkie-talkies licensed and walkie-talkies unlicensed. This last option is more widespread since they are cheaper, do not require fees of any kind or any additional requirements. However, licensed walkie-talkies can offer superior performance. It depends on what you are looking for: Licensed walkie-talkies: Operate on specific channels. They are specially designed for professionals or radio amateurs. They are also widely used among individual public offices. They require administrative authorization.
  • Walkie-talkies without a license: These are walkie-talkies intended for leisure and personal communications. They do not require a license or administrative authorization. They may be somewhat less accurate than licensed walkie-talkies.

Purchase criteria

Now is the time to buy. Soon you will be able to enjoy your pair of walkie-talkies. But first, you must analyze the critical purchase criteria. Thanks to them, you can buy the option that best suits you. As we know that it can be challenging to make them on your own, we collect them below. We hope they help you:

  • Use
  • Scope
  • Easy to use
  • Frequency
  • Autonomy


Depending on the use you want to give the walkie-talkie, you will have to buy one option or another. If you need it for work, you may need to invest in a licensed one. In case you go hunting or practice other group country activities, apart from an excellent monocular, you will have to get a walkie-talkie with a good range. It all depends on what you want them for.


It has already been clear that it connects with the previous factor. If you’re planning a trip with multiple cars and friends, go for long-range options. Thus, you will be able to know at all times where each group and each vehicle is. If, on the other hand, what you want is a pair of walkie-talkies for children, a few kilometres will be more than enough.

Easy to use

In case you are not very tech-savvy, find a simple model. On the other hand, it never hurts to incorporate extra functions. For example, you should consider using handsfree. In this way, communication can be even faster. Also, for private conversations, it might be a good idea to connect a headset.


There are two types of frequency. Depending on which one uses the walkie-talkie you want to buy, the features will vary. We are talking about VHF ( very high frequency ) and UHF ( ultra-high frequency ):

  • VHF: With ranges from 30 MHz (megahertz) to 300 MHz. They require that there are not too many obstacles between one device and another. If not, they suffer from too much interference.
  • UHF: They range from 300 MH to 3000 MHz. Interferences are less with this type of device. They are usually of high quality.


Regarding autonomy, this will depend on the type of battery you use. If it is lithium, it will be cheaper, but you will have to look at how much it holds. On the other hand, if it is a Ni-MH battery, it generally offers a long life. Some options use alkaline batteries. Check well the characteristics around autonomy so as not to take future disappointments.


Although society is increasingly focused on mobile phones, walkie-talkies still have a lot to say. In individual sectors, such as hospitality or security, the best walkie-talkies offer fast and fluid communication. But they are also suitable for leisure situations, such as hiking or travelling with friends.

However, when it comes to buying the right walkie-talkie, there are several things to consider. Study the scope you are looking for, as well as the autonomy of the model. Also, you should know what you want it for or if you are going to need extra functionalities such as the handsfree or the possibility of connecting a headset. If you buy wisely, everything will be fine.

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